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From Supplier Dock to Restaurant Stock … we deliver efficient solutions throughout the supply chain. Every day. All over the world.
Restaurants put their brand reputation on the line with every transaction, promising meals served will meet or exceed the customer’s expectations for taste and quality. As the global leader in restaurant supply chain management, we take our role in delivering on those expectations personally.
Martin Brower’s supply chain specialists skillfully use data-rich analytics, tracking tools and advanced temperature monitoring systems to take the guesswork out of the equation. Customers rely on the accurate information and scheduling we provide to optimise revenue opportunities and thoroughly manage any risks to brand reputation.



def. To provide a professional, nurturing and consistent care environment for the storage, transport and delivery of food. e.g. Martin Brower has perfected the care, keeping and verification of quality food supplies.
Managing the complexity of bringing food from Dock to Stock
The processes and associated costs of each link in the supply and logistics chain is laden with risk and reward. What goes on behind the kitchen is not confined to the back office. Rather it’s the window to our cold chain management network of quality checks and measured calculations at multiple checkpoints, managed by experienced logistics specialists focused on the precise needs of each restaurant.
A World-Class Reputation for Delivering Safety, Quality and Integrity Across the Supply Chain
Our business, and our customers’ business, depends on ensuring the highest levels of food safety and quality at every point. Our reputation for delivering on that promise is embedded into the culture at every location around the world, inspiring continuous improvement and the ongoing development of our quality and compliance management systems … redefining industry standards.
  • What goes on behind restaurant back offices is a stunning choreography of precise movements and measurements all designed to deliver a predictable, highly secure outcome to each customer. That means restaurant managers receive their precise orders at exactly the right time and restaurant-ready so they can focus on the customer experience.

  • With advanced technology and tools at my fingertips I can strengthen the personal connection I have with restaurant managers, providing up-to-date answers to their questions and always learning more about how we can help them run great restaurants.

How We Protect Your Brand

Quality Management System (QMS)

Automated and cloud-based, the QMS provides global visibility, total transparency, control and real-time reporting of food safety and quality, risk management and audit performance within Martin Brower’s operations – benefiting customers with robust systems to enhance compliance and preserve their brands’ integrity. Powered by versatile Coruson technology, our QMS is being seamlessly adapted to support other critical areas of compliance, including environmental management, health & safety and the global IFS food safety standard initiative.

Supply Chain Compliance

We support end-to-end supply chain integrity with innovative solutions that include: continuous temperature monitoring implemented across all vehicles globally, providing real time alerts and traceability capabilities embedded in our Warehouse Management Systems.

Predictive Analytics

We use real time data to identify the root causes of potential food safety and quality issues and drive quality improvements that proactively protect our customers’ brands.

Inbound Logistics

From supplier docks into our warehouse stock, Martin Brower is the last line of defense in ensuring the food products we handle are fresh and meet the highest consumer and industry standards. Our logistics specialists ensure the most efficient freight solutions are utilised through carriers who adhere to the same high standards to guarantee food safety and quality, ensuring that our cold chain is never compromised.

Inbound Freight Management

A highly-integrated suite of tools and processes, customised by Martin Brower logistics specialists for each customer, to create the most robust, flexible and efficient solution for managing the changing needs of complex restaurant operations.

Cold Chain (Three temperatures)

If the integrity of food is compromised, nothing else matters. On pallets, by the case and individual ingredients, our food supply chain experts monitor and document temperatures and non-conformities from supplier docks to our distribution centres and right through to restaurant delivery … we ensure quality at every step in the journey.


Warehousing the Martin Brower way is not a simple storage solution. Food quality and safety depends on proper caregiving to ensure the product integrity is intact, the life cycle of the ingredients is tracked and the environment is consistently and constantly safe – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – without fail and with a traceable, verified record.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The backbone of Martin Brower’s warehousing solutions, this system delivers robust data to reveal efficiencies, warehouse performance, interactions and labour planning insights. Each product is visible and automatically tracked from receipt to shipping and all points in between and is coordinated with voice-directed selection.

Voice-Directed Selection

A hands-free, paper-free and error-free tool which integrates with the WMS to support our warehousing experts with accurate product selection for each order.

Contingency Planning

Inherent to the food industry is exposure to a variety of potentially devastating risks. We can’t control weather, power outages or other unpredictable threats that may affect food security, but Martin Brower’s global network of logistics specialists have the proven experience to plan, manage and minimize the negative impact of these risks.


Our drivers and supply chain specialists continually listen and provide counsel to our restaurants, ensuring their needs are met and exceeded. We continuously innovate and improve, offering more efficient and effective solutions to help them run great restaurants.

Advanced Routing Software

As part of our commitment to best practices in both environmental responsibility and cost reduction, our proprietary advanced routing software ensures miles, costs and carbon footprints are reduced and deliveries optimised.

Driver PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

Simply put, this handheld PDA takes the paperwork and the guesswork out of the delivery transaction, improving the driver and customer experience while ensuring accurate and traceable product deliveries.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring (CTM)

A simple but vital solution using complex algorithmic calculations to ensure the ideal temperature is achieved across the continuum of food logistics. Real-time alerts and monitoring ensure brands are protected.
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